We know it's three or four months away but it won't be long until the summer holiday season upon us! There are a number of compelling reasons to only take your eReader with you when you head off to your summer beach vacation this (and any year).  eReaders are perfect travel companions as with most devices you can read them in brightlight, they are light and their batteries just keep on going and going!

What you do need though is one of our fantastic covers, which your device will fit in perfectly!  We have two sizes for eReaders –

  • Edition 1 – this fits models such as Kindle Touch & Paperwhite 4, Kobo Touch Glo & Mini plus Nook simple touch plus others.
  • Edition 2 – for the Apple iPad mini, Amazon Kindle Fire, Kobo Vox, Nook Colour, Google Nexus and many more.
  • Edition 3 - iPad

Our covers also give you a little extra piece of mind in that they disguise your electronic device from preying eyes.  We have a fantastic range of covers that are authentic reproductions of the actual books that sit on their shelves. This classic collection will have a cover for you, whether you are male, female or young old!