About Us

Big Strawberry is a British designer & manufacturer of exclusive eReader & Tablet Cases.
All of our cases are handmade in England, and marry traditional bookbinding techniques with modern methods and materials.  Our vision is to take iconic brands and images – and reinvent them as inspirational, exciting and creative covers for your electronic devices.

Big Strawberry  & The British Library

The British Library is one of the world’s greatest research libraries.
Its collections and expertise are used daily by authors, scientists, TV and film producers, businesses, genealogists and academics.
Through an exclusive worldwide partnership agreement bigstrawberry has created a range of British Library branded device cases.  Inspirational and diverse, the range is perfect for book lovers using a digital device to read, but seeking ways to still show their appreciation for the traditional book.  Our cases replicate the book’s exact condition and even includes the Library’s unique shelf number as it is stored in its collections.
British Library-branded device cases have been created using the inspirational and diverse collections of one of the world’s greatest research libraries.
They provide a unique and beautifully designed way to protect your device and enhance your experience.