A Very Naughty Girl by L.T. Meade

This exclusive British Library device cover is an authentic reproduction of LT Meade’s 1901 story for young people. Born in Ireland in 1844, Elizabeth Thomasina Smith was a prolific writer of girls’ stories and mysteries. She eventually produced more than 300 books, co-authoring a number with male writers. She is almost completely forgotten today.  Select below to choose your cover size. If you not sure what size you need, scroll down the page to see our size guides.



All of our cases are handmade in England, and marry traditional bookbinding techniques with modern methods and materials. Our vision is to take iconic British brands and images – and reinvent them as inspirational, exciting covers for your electronic devices.


  • Handmade in the UK using traditional bookbinding techniques.
  • Exclusive Olga Hirsch liner illustrations.
  • Universal fitting system which allows you to swap your devices simply and securely.
  • Edition 3 - iPad covers have a 60 degree integral viewing angle and also allows you to use your device camera by sliding upwards to expose the lens.
  • Strengthened spine & finished in a soft touch laminate so that you can keep your cover clean.
  • Purchase includes a FREE eBook of A Very Naughty Girl. 
  • Each sale helps support the British Library.


The British Library is one of the world’s greatest research libraries holding over 150 million items.  Through an exclusive worldwide partnership agreement Big Strawberry has created a classic range of authentic reproductions from the actual books that are in the British Library. Our covers reproduce the book’s exact condition and even includes the library’s unique shelf number as it is stored in its collections.



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